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Dr Who – David Tennant in anime style

Doctor Who is one of my favourite Sci-Fi shows, we used to always watch it as a family growing up

It is the perfect combination between light-hearted comedy and decent sci-fi storyline

David Tennant is one of my favourite Doctor Whos

This drawing is of David Tennant in anime style, using pencil and fineliner

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Assassin’s Creed II – Ezio Auditore da Firenze       (Using pencil and fineliner)
Ezio with weapon        (Using pencil)
Ezio with weapon        (Using water-colour)
Assorted Assassins Creed Drawings        (Using watercolour, pencil and fineliner)
Ezio shooting an arrow
Iron Man and Assassins Creed Cross-over        (Using watercolour, pencil and fineliner)
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To continue my Gotham City Collection my next cosplay is Poison Ivy!

I always loved the range of villains in the Batman Universe







Kit List for Costume:

  • Green dress with leaves
  • Long green gloves
  • Green leggings
  • Leaves to attach to costume
  • Leaves for my hair
  • Green glitter face paint
  • Green makeup


Kit List for Set:

  • Poison bottles
  • Poison lipstick
  • Green fabric


Compilation of my favourite close-up photographs
Compilation of close-ups in the tree
Compilation of alternative close-ups
Compilation of full body photographs
Entrance pose and photographs with staff
Applying poison lipstick and photograph with set
Compilation of miscellaneous photographs
Cosplay and Costumes, Cosplays, Gotham City, Joker

‘Take my business card’

To follow my artworks inspired by the Joker, I have also created my own Joker Cosplay

I had great fun building a set for the Joker’s lair, and props for the photographs. I wanted to give the lair a  disheveled industrial theme. With the colour palette of purple and green throughout the costume, set and props.

Joker: Close up compilation
Joker: Full size with set compilation
Joker: Close up with props compilation

Kit List:

Joker: Set and Props
  • Green waistcoat
  • Purple suit skirt and jacket
  • Yellow bow-tie
  • Green hair and Joker face-paint
  • Props
    • Bomb present
    • Hand grenade Joker inspired bombs
    • Gun with ‘BANG’ sign
    • Dynamite sticks with the Joker’s logo
    • Clowns and Joker cards
    • Other weapons, in green and purple


Joker: The mad man
‘I have my eye on you’
Welcome to my lair!
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Here is a collection of my favourite pieces of artwork I have completed, inspired by the infamous Joker

I have always loved the Joker, he is the perfect psychopath. He is motivated by the desire for chaos and destruction. Rather than money or lust.

Heath Ledger Joker
Black and white stencil style Joker grinning
Heath Ledger joker in shadow
Black and white Joker
The Joker and Batman’s final battle
The crazed Joker
Joker maniacally laughing
Two sides of the same coin
Batman is part of the Joker, and the Joker is part of Batman
Some men just want to watch the world burn


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I have always loved the art style and story telling in comics.

Eventually I want to write my own comics, but to start with here are some sketches from some of my comics.

Swing and punch
Action shots
Close ups and running