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Epitaph – Album Review


By God Is An Astronaut

Album Review

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This new album by God Is An Astronaut is a beautiful and moving piece of instrumental post-rock. They effortlessly flow between light mystical tones, to trancy electronic, and hard rock. They cleverly use vocals in a way it melts into the instrumental tones, flows effortlessly and becomes one with the music. They created a mixture of slower, lighter songs, as well as deep, intense songs.

The songs tend to start with a single musical instrument, such as the keyboard. Playing a slow but mystical tune, lulling you into a daze. Their slow and quiet sections were just as, if not more so, moving and intense. Other sounds are slowly combined, until they accumulate into a symphony of dark and mysterious tones. They build suspense and an unspoken story, through their clever us of varied instruments, pitches and speed.

The first self-titled song is a beautiful testament to their talents. Starts so light and slow it builds a mystical atmosphere; it wouldn’t be out of place in an epic fantasy saga. It slowly builds up, adding in a new instrument each time, leading the listener down a path. The sounds grow more foreboding and the story morphs into an intense thriller. It draws you in, and you can feel your heart racing. Then just as quickly as it darkened, the clouds begin to break, and the light shines through. Completing a full loop back to the light and magical beginning.

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