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Incendia Music Christmas Party 2018 with Brutai

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Incendia Music offers band management, as well as help with publicity. Specializing in bands and artists across the heavy metal, rock and progressive genres. And it is headed by the talented Lulu Davis, who put on this fantastic Christmas Party, which showcased some of their top bands, such as Brutai. On the run up to Christmas there’s always lots of events on, but I’m glad I made it out to the Incendia Music Christmas Party. At club 229 Great Portland Street, it was a new venue for me and I’m not gonna lie, I got a bit lost! Then I saw a set of stairs leading down off the street, and discovered a whole music venue hidden underneath the street.

Brutai are a killer progressive rock and metal band, based in our very own city of London. Taking the genre by storm, and were nominated for the Metal Hammer Golden Gods “Best New Band” award in 2017. After the release of their popular album “Born” in 2016, winning many hearts over. Their new songs delve into an honest look into modern life and society. They have an interesting mix of aesthetics, the bassist dreads and Viking style beard, teamed with a bright red bass. They were joined by a new drummer, who hasn’t played live with them before. Not that you would know it! He fitted in well and smashed the drums.

“It’s good to be back! It’s been at least 10 months or so”! They played some of their popular classics, such as “Deep”, which was met with much excitement from their fans. But we were also lucky enough to be there for the first time they played their new single “Upside Down”, live. So it was a gig with lots of firsts! “Upside Down” started off with Alex performing a keyboard solo with soulful vocals. Then the others crash in with a heavy metal storm of drums, bass and guitars. Picking up the pace and intensity. Definitely one of my favourite pieces they played. It was great to see them master the slower, lighter tunes, as well as the heavy metal songs. “Better see you head-banging!”, he calls out!

They finished with one of their older songs “Sleepers” from their debut self-titled EP, back in 2013. With a light start, mixing layers of differing paces, they draw you in. Slowly building it up, adding more layers and sounds to develop it. The drums beat out, setting a battle worthy beat; you can imagine the pounding of horse’s hooves as they charge into battle.

When The Five Hundred steps on stage, the singer gives out a deep, throaty scream. Giving the classic emo scream of the 2000s, a face lift and plunged it into the heavier side of metal. Rough and raw roars bellowed out, backed up by the booming drums and heavy bass. They performed with great stage presence, a wide stance and head-banging in unison.
“Next we’re going to play a song from our new album, called ‘Bleed Well’ and this one goes out to Lulu”!

In stark comparison to the heavy shredding metal, they also played light and mystical tunes, leading into a psychedelic symphony of lights and sounds. Then they suddenly crash back into their classic heavy metal style.

As Everything Unfolds, this female fronted heavy rock band, giving The Five Hundred a run for their money. Charlie packs a good set of lungs, switching between the lyrical vocals and emo screams. Giving an almost BabyMetal vibe, with high yet heavy female vocals, backed by heavy metal drums and bass. Charlie jumps, kicks and dances across the stage, with infectious energy.

The Incendia Christmas Party was a great combination of heavy metal, hard rock and a bit of classic Christmas spirit. Brutai’s music is a catchy combination of modern progressive rock with a hit of heavy metal thrown in for good measure, just the way I like it! They draw on other styles from across rock and metal genres. Their music is packed full of technical drum patterns and emotive electric riffs. Brutai have cultivated their own unique sound, by incorporating panoramic synths and keyboard into their heavy metal.

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