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God Is An Astronaut

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God Is An Astronaut is a talented instrumental post-rock band. All the way from the beautiful Glen of the Downs in Ireland, which I personally am very jealous about. This was a great introduction to a new style of music for me. It’s one of the reasons I love doing this, offers me the opportunity to discover new bands and genres. Most of the music I listen to is more lyric heavy, but melding the vocals into the music gave the songs a new focus and depth. I didn’t expect instrumental music to be so emotive, but I was genuinely captivated and moved by this sensational album.

God Is An Astronaut played a mixture of old favourites, which the crowd erupted for, of course. Combined with some of the most moving songs from their new album. They said they wanted to bring it back to their first song, the “end of the beginning” and judging by the crowds raucous response, I think they achieved it.

The overall style is similar to sound-scaping techniques used by prog-rock bands, and reminiscent of parts of Evanescence and Radiohead. They effortlessly flow between light mystical tones, to trancy electronic, and hard rock. They cleverly use vocals in a way it melts into the instrumental tones, flows effortlessly and becomes one with the music. They start with a light and mystical first half, creating a very ethereal atmosphere. Developing into their more techno-rock style, with crashing drums and guitars.

It is no easy feat to create such a diverse, powerful and emotive instrumental album. But somehow they managed it, a true testament to their skill and passion for music. Their slow and quiet sections were just as, if not more so, moving and intense. The lighting paled and slowed to match the music change. The layers of instruments build up a rich tapestry of sounds that really tell a story. There is something hauntingly beautiful about their songs; it pulls you into a whirlwind of music and emotions.

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Act Of Defiance – Concert Review

Act Of Defiance is a metal band, hailing all the way from California. Act Of Defiance follows in the footsteps of fellow American thrash metal bands such as Nevermore, Metal Allegiance and Testament. In 2014 Act Of Defiance rose like a phoenix from the ashes of Megadeth, after guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover quit the band.

Although they’ve only been performing since 2015, they’ve already cemented their place in the halls of metal. I was excited to witness Act Of Defiance’s first ever European tour, celebrating their newly released album “Old Scars, New Wounds”. Their epic follow up album to their 2015 hit “Birth and the Burial”.

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This was one definitely one of my favourite gig reviews to date, growing up listening to his music in Megadeth, I have always admired and been insanely jealous of his legendary guitar skills. Being able to meet and actually talk to him, on top of finally seeing his guitar work close-up was an incredible experience I won’t forget, and one of my best birthday presents! You always worry that famous musicians from world renown supergroups would be, justifiably, arrogant. But he was open and friendly, it was just like chatting to a mate down the pub. They say don’t meet your heroes, but I was not disappointed. And you could tell by crowd’s reaction, that they were all as excited as me to see them play their first gig of their first ever European tour! The dance floor was packed despite the heat and humidity. And when he stepped out onto that stage, there were shouts and cries, and many fists raised into the air, reaching desperately up toward them.

One of the most unique and captivating elements to their songs, is the constantly varying pitch and tone, keeping the listener on their toes. The mix of high powered, high energy thrash metal contrasts, yet also compliments, the slow and melodic elements. There are elements of slow and dramatic power ballads mixed in with the heavy and fast paced instrumentals. This mix of genres spreads throughout their new album, “The Talisman” gives the it a new twist, bringing in different tempos and themes.

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Cauldron and Primitai

I was lucky to get two for one tonight, with two amazing heavy metal bands playing at the Black Heart, which is one of my favourite venues in Camden. Both fall into the broad heavy, power and thrash metal genres, but each take their own influences, styles and give it a unique twist.

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This heavy metal band orientated in the sleepy Berkshire town of Sandhurst. So not the sort of place you’d expect to give birth to a heavy and thrash metal band! Primitai have combined influences from the 80s Glam Metal revival and classic hard rock and metal bands, such as Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Motley Crue. Creating melodic, rhythmic and powerful heavy metal. Whilst giving it a unique, modern twist to give them a unique edge in the resurgence of 80s Glam and Heavy Metal.

Primitai are a treat to watch, their energy is undeniable and instantly infectious, spreading through that dark crowded room. With their electric fast riffs pumping out into the night, creating to true thrash metal experience. I simply adored their whole style.

They’re high energy, hard-core, and die hard metal-heads. With a heavy yet fast beat, getting the crowd moving. Then the heavy crash of the drums layered with the psychedelic riffs created a mind-blowing experience.

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My first live gig review was for Jizzy Pearl , of Love/Hate, at the Underworld in Camden on Sunday 13th May

It was an incredible experience, to get to go backstage and chat with the bands and witness close-to an 80s rock legend performance

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Jizzy Pearl (13/05/18)
Poster for the gig (image from the album art)