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It was great to see Daxx & Roxane again, this time headlining their own tour. Last time I saw them, they were supporting Bad Touch with Aaron Buchanan and The Cult Classics on tour. Daxx & Roxane gave us their signature style of rock ‘n’ roll with explosive and dynamic live shows. It was great to meet and chat to Daxx & Roxane and the other bands. This time they were joined by Goodnight Venice, Far Suns Fall and The Smokin’ Aces.
The first support act was the fun and energetic Goodnight Venice, kicking off the night and getting everyone in the mood for dancing. They had an eclectic look, complete with cowboy hat and fringed shirt. Their show was packed full of catchy beats, and plenty of crazy dancing.

“It’s only a few days away from Christmas, so we thought it’s fitting to play a Christmas song! But then we thought, we’re in Camden, so they won’t want anything cheesy, so we’re going to do the exact opposite”. And I have to admit it might be the best Christmas song I’ve heard, even getting me into the Christmas spirit!

All the lights go down, so we’re all left in darkness, as they slowly stuck notes out into the blackened room. Then suddenly the stage was flooded with a glowing, burning red light, which seeped out into the room. Then they started to pick up the pace. They had impressive energy for a Friday night! Leaping about the stage, and jumping off into the crowd, still leaping and dancing all the way.

Far Suns Fall marvellously combine influences from across hard rock, folk, pop and even blues. Each band member brings with them experiences from their own music career, giving them a unique sound. They released their hit debut EP only a few years ago.

“Thank you for coming out and supporting live music!”, a very worthy cause indeed! They treated us to a new song, “Masquerade”. Chris Sagan’s soulful, wailing vocals gave the song a unique and bluesy twist. Followed by a heavy drum solo, which marks the songs second half. They used the lighting to good effect, flashing on and off, spreading a psychedelic and trippy atmosphere.

“This song is called, “No Way out”! Then a single off key note rings out, and he laughs “… or this song called tuning”! I like their sense of humour! They recovered from their technical problems, making a joke and carrying on regardless.

Slow, gentle notes rang out, developing in richness and layers, effortlessly interchanging between soft, bluesy feels and hard rock. Packed with heavy drums, electric riffs and fused together with Chris’ emotive vocals, ringing out above the symphony of sounds. We even got to hear their first single “Shape of the World”. It was an amazing, full power and loud show. Crammed full of pounding drum beats and electric guitar riffs. I’ll be looking out for their debut album, “Aphelion” set to be released in April 2018.

The final support act, The Smokin’ Aces are another band that transcends genes. This time combing elements from dance, disco, country and funk, as well as rock, pop and punk of course. Hailing all the way from South Florida, but came to visit us to join the madness! “Merry Christmas everyone”! The crowd clapped and cheered in response. They dedicated one of their songs, “Full Flow” to Daxx & Roxane. The electric blue lights flooded the room, mirroring the bluesy influences in the songs (The blue lights give a great effect, but no mess up my photographs! Haha). “Thank you for coming out to support us!”, everyone cheers. “We’re going to play one of our new songs for you now, which is very important to us, it’s called ‘Love and War’”. Falco points out at the audience, whilst singing, then turns his hand and points his finger to his heart. Although it was a shame the drums and guitars overpowered the vocals, so it was hard to distinguish many words. Would have liked to hear more from Falco! The lights flashed fast, triggering an epileptic effect. The last song they played was called “The Darkness”. Falco showed off his impressive vocal ranging, with a piercing scream.

Daxx & Roxane’s show was packed full with high energy and heavy beats, just how we like it. They got everyone crowding around the stage with their hands in the air, shouting and cheering. They launched straight into a proper, hard rocker. Caught me by surprise! They start head-banging, getting the crowd to clap along. The boys were dancing all about the stage and jumping up, messing around with the crowd. You can clearly see how much fun these guys have, and that they’re genuinely all friends. As they mess about, play and pose together.

The room finally filled up, and everyone was dancing and clapping along. The crowd literally went wild for them! With their hard-core fans at the front, dancing, singing and head-banging along. I just love the power of music! Something about it, it can pull you out of real world, even just for a short while. Its own special kind of magic, I think we all need sometimes.

“Let’s celebrate as it’s the end of the year!”, ripples of cheering and clapping reigns out, “are you ready?”… of course, after that challenge was made, their fans knew how to respond, jumping and head-banging. Going mad, and of course, celebrated how any metal-head should, by forming a mosh pit, even in that cosy little room above a pub.

Their energy really is infectious. Suddenly everyone woke up and started jumping and dancing along. Showing the true effect or good, hard rock! They brought out a bottle of whiskey and poured shots straight into the mouths of each band members, then the crew members, and finally their adoring fans (not going to lie, I couldn’t resist joining in! haha)…
Cheers rang out, as the exited the stage. But of course, they aren’t gone for long. As their fans inevitably called out for an encore. And they ended finally on their catchiest, party song, “Wrong Side”. Everyone started clapping and singing along “walking… walking on the wrong side!”… Cédric jumps down off the stage and start head-banging with his fans. Cal and Simon step up onto the speakers to play out to the crowd. The perfect end to a great night!

Daxx & Roxane have proven themselves to be true rockers, and are definitely one to look out for. Their upbeat tunes and infectious energy spread through the room. Before long everyone migrated towards the stage and started jumping, dancing and singing along. It’s hard not to get swept up in the frenzy and find yourself singing along too. Can’t wait to catch them again, as it’s sure to be crammed full of catchy lyrics, electric riffs and lots of energy.

PS: Photos by Kriz-p