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Formed over three decades ago, The Quireboys have become an iconic British rock band. They have dabbled with various genres, progressing from hard rock to gypsy styled folk rock, and most recently have delved into the blues. Their latest album brings with it a refreshing yet emotive change of pace and style. Combining slow and deep ballads with bouncy blues classics. Spike’s sultry, raspy voice perfectly melds the blues influences into their classic rock style. Few bands could play different genres with such authentic conviction, passion and confidence. A true testament to their skills as musicians and love for their music.

The mix of ages and styles in the audiences proves their skill in being able to both keep the spirit and sound of classic rock & roll and blues, whilst dragging it kicking and screaming in to the 21st century, with their unique Quireboys twist.

The suspense was palpable as we waited for them to enter the stage. Everyone immediately erupted into cheering and wolf whistling when they first caught a glimpse.

Spike looked amazing in his deep red velvet, pirate-esque appearance. With his flowing scarfs twirling around him as he danced about the stage. And he gave them the perfect introduction: “We are The Quireboys, and this, is rock and roll”…

The Quireboys played a varied set, including their first single “There She Goes Again” and got the crowd to sing along. Mixing it up with a bit of country rock, interacting with the crowd, he said “give me a, Ye-Har!” and of course, their fans responded with a chorus of Ye-Hars ringing out about the room. The catchy and bouncy tune injected a shot of energy into the room.

The combination of their music, look and attitude really brought you back to the hay-day of rock and roll. A great personal reminder to me of my teenage years, as this was the type of music I was brought up on. Over the last few years I have delved ever deeper into heavy metal, so it was refreshing change of pace to hear the classic rock of my roots and entry into the music world. And get the opportunity to witness one of the original classic rock bands, and they were as good as ever. Spike ended on the simple but perfect closing line; “thank you for keeping rock and roll alive with The Quireboys!”…

Those Damn Crows kicked off the show with a high energy, top showman performance. The lead singer ran out on to the stage and jumped up on a podium and screamed out their name in a thick, rough voice. His voice was a beacon throughout the show, ringing out load even about the booming drums and roaring riffs.

They played a great mixture between their old and new songs, which gave their show more depth as they switched between different styles. One of my favourite new songs they played was “Behind These Walls”, which brought with it a more relaxed pace in a ballad style.

I strongly believe that a show is won or lost, depending upon how they perform. Crowd interaction and use of the space can turn any concert from good to mind-blowing. The Crows got the crowd singing and dancing along, with the applause and cheers dragging the stragglers out of the wood work to join the show.

Despite the size of the stage, Aaron Buchanan & The Cult Classics owned the space, wildly dancing and leaping about with ferocious energy. Their clever mix of styles brought a unique sound and performance experience. His howling, screeching vocals rang out, calling all rockers to the stage. Combined with the flashing strobe lighting and the deep heavy beat created a trans-like atmosphere (although did make taking photographs a lot more challenging! But resulted in some great shots).

Aaron really brought the show to life, chatting with crowd and even joining Paul on the drums at one point, smashing the cymbal. He even took crowd surfing to a new level, turning the rules on their head, literally! As he performed an amazing acrobatic headstand on the crowd!

Hailing all the way from Sweden, H.E.A.T. are single handily keeping punk alive and kicking, literally! The heavy beat was only outdone by their rockin’ attitude. The lead singer runs out and shouts to the crowd “we are tonight’s entertainment!” and they certainly did entertain us all. Gyrating on stage and getting the crowd to clap along to their classics, leading the crowd through their show. They transitioned effortlessly between hard hitters and acoustic guitar ballads.

Spike definitely has a unique and admiral voice and style, the red velvet pirate of rock &’ roll! Their look and attitude accompanied their music perfectly. Spike swung the mic stand around above his head, in true pirate swagger fashion. They definitely keep the spirit of rock and roll alive! They are true performers till the end, you can instantly tell they live and breathe rock, and this is where their true passion lies.

Their new album is an iconic turning point for the evolution and modernisation of blues, The Quireboys successfully played an honest and heartfelt tribute to some of the best blues classics, doing them proud, whilst dragging them into the 21st century with their own unique twist.

PS: A massive thank you to Kriz-P for his amazing photos! They really captured the atmosphere of the night and passion of the performers. Check out the rest of his collection here.