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Wonder Woman emerged from the DC Comics Universe, first appearing in 1941, in All Star Comics #8

I wanted to create a Wonder Woman cosplay to celebrate to release of the new movie in 2017

She is one of the most famous female heroines, depicted across many comics, motion pictures and action figures

Background: Before becoming Wonder Woman, she was known as Diana, princess of the Amazons. She was trained to be an unbeatable warrior and became a Goddess and Ambassador

She is also well known for being a founding member of the Justice League

Close-up compilation
Mixed compilation
Full costume photographs

Kit list:

  • Gold, red and blue dress
  • Red long boots and gold leg guards
  • Gold head band, arm band and choker
  • Silver arm guards
  • Gold lasso of truth
  • Golden sword
  • Shield
Wonder Woman Sword
Finished shield and sword

For my costume I took inspiration from all the best Wonder Woman versions. Including the 2017 movie, Diana of Paradise Island TV Series, ad Justice Leagues Wonder Woman animated universe. As well as other comic books she has starred in.

Wonder Woman Design Board
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From the new Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens (2015)


I wanted to cosplay Rey because she is an independent, intelligent and brave woman


I cosplayed at MCM Comicon on Sunday

Rey: full costume

Kit list:

  • Sand coloured base clothes
  • Staff
  • Light Saber
  • Long muslin body wrap
  • Arm and leg banages
  • Black boots
  • Brown belts
  • Brown leather wrist cuff
  • BB8 toy
  • Hair in three buns









Rey: side on with BB8
Rey: close up
Light Saber and Rey’s staff crossed


Other photographs:

Rey and other Star Wars charecters at Comicon
Rey: Assorted photos
Rey: Assorted close up photos with light saber
Photos taken at Comicon by fellow cosplayer (instagram: undeadknightmare)


How to guide:


I bought a 4m length of cream coloured muslin. I cut two strips length ways, 1-2 inches wide, for the arm bandages. I then cut the remaining material in half and sewed the short ends together on one side, to make one long piece of material for the body wrap.

Rey: costume and design board

Rey’s staff:

I bought a 2m wooden pole, and attached different bottles, aluminum cans and plastic packaging to create the different shapes. Using papier-mâché and glue to create the structure. I then painted it using black, silver and bronze paint to create a metal effect. Lastly, I glued different types of muslin material for the handle.

Rey staff: making-of
Rey staff: completed


Cosplay and Costumes, Cosplays, Events, Korra (Avatar - The Last Airbender), MCM Comicon

The last Air Bender is one of my favourite Anime Cartoons, as it combines a good story line with humour and diverse charecters

Korra has the power to bend all four elements: Water, Earth, Air and Fire

I wore this Cosplay to MCM Comicon, on Saturday

Korra: Full Body Photos at Comicon

Kit List

  • Light blue top with white trim
  • Tan skirt with fur trim
  • Dark blue wrap under skirt
  • Grey trousers
  • Tan and fur boots
  • Dark blue lower arm guards
  • Blue and white patterned upper arm guard
  • Blue hair accessories
Korra: Cosplay Costume shown on mannequin and design board


Korra: Making Blue Top
Korra: Making Tan Skirt
Korra: Making arm and hair accessories