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My friend and I recently attended a new spy themed LARP game called; Aces and Operatives!

I was a body guard for the CIA, turned into an Assassin Operative working undercover for the enemy

It was a great excuse to dress up fancy, although I was already sold at the canapes and Poker!

Compilation of full length photographs
Close up from behind, showing backless dress and hair accessories
Close up from the front
Full length from behind
Full length from the front
Full length from the side


Alternative, Skeletons and Body-parts, Valentines

And now, for real Valentines Day as I’m not a complete cynic, I have prepared a collection of artwork based on anatomical drawings of the heart, but with my own twisted take

My Twisted Valentine Compilation
I Give My Heart to You
You Have the Key to My Heart
My love for you springs new life
Two Hearts, Woven into One


Alternative, Skeletons and Body-parts, Valentines

As the dreaded Valentines Day looms, many people are collectively sighing at PDA couples and hearts literally everywhere. So I have decided to celebrate Anti-Valentines Day today for everyone who is sick of Valentines!

Anti-Valentines Day Compilation
You Rip Apart My Heart
Your touch is like barb-wire wrapping around my heart
My Heart Bleeds for You
Seeing You Sends Spikes Through My Heart
Cosplay and Costumes, Cosplays, Events, Hyper Japan, Sasha (Attack on Titan)

Sasha at Hyper Japan, swords crossed


Attack on Titan

(AKA Potato girl!)

At Hyper Japan

Nov 2017


Really good fun making the swords and box weapons for this cosplay as I developed prop-making skills



Sasha at Hyper Japan, swords down

 Kit List:

  • Beige shirt
  • Beige trousers
  • Brown jacket with emblem
  • Brown belts and straps
  • Brown wrap skirt
  • Brown boots
  • Swords
  • Box weapons
  • Potato!
Sasha Design Board
Costume and weapons
Jacket and weapons
Cosplay and Costumes, LARP costumes, LARP events, Various Costumes

I played Mordastyr at Bath Larp during University

Kit list:

  • Red leather chest plate, arm and leg braces
  • Black plate metal chest and arms
  • I used a one handed sword and large shield


LARP armour compilation

Mordastyr, or Mord for short, is a Might Priest. Which basically means im front line attacker tank. A key highlight was when I had to sacrifice myself in the Temple of Might to  open the dungeon tunnel, and thankfully the Gods of Might looked favourably down upon me and resurrected me!

LARP armour: full armour and weapons
LARP armour close-ups