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My friend and I recently attended a new spy themed LARP game called; Aces and Operatives!

I was a body guard for the CIA, turned into an Assassin Operative working undercover for the enemy

It was a great excuse to dress up fancy, although I was already sold at the canapes and Poker!

Compilation of full length photographs
Close up from behind, showing backless dress and hair accessories
Close up from the front
Full length from behind
Full length from the front
Full length from the side


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I bought this Grecian style green dress for just £1 at a jumble sale

However, unfortunately it was much too big for me, so I adjusted it to fit me.

Finished adjusted dress

As you can see the dress was about double my size!

I discovered someone had let the dress out previously, using the added gold material at the back

Dress before alteration

I removed the gold added back piece and put darts in fit myself

I then added a zip as I had to remove the previous hook and eye fastenings

‘Making of’ green dress
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Steam-punk is one of my favourite styles for costumes and artwork. As it combines Victorian glamour with Sci-fi fantasy engineering and weaponary

Steampunk gentleman with top-hat and goggles

I have put together this collection of my first steampunk inspired artwork pieces

Steam-punk is charecterised by top-hats, goggles and clock-work cogs

Using a combination of pencil, fine-liner and water-colour


Steampunk inspired sketch
Steampunk style heart
Steampunk clockwork bird
Steampunk lady with pistol
Steampunk Mary Poppins
Steampunk clock
Steampunk cyborg skull