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I bought this Grecian style green dress for just £1 at a jumble sale

However, unfortunately it was much too big for me, so I adjusted it to fit me.

Finished adjusted dress

As you can see the dress was about double my size!

I discovered someone had let the dress out previously, using the added gold material at the back

Dress before alteration

I removed the gold added back piece and put darts in fit myself

I then added a zip as I had to remove the previous hook and eye fastenings

‘Making of’ green dress
Craft projects, Up-cycling

When my brother was moving out his flat-mate needed to get rid of an old desk. So I decided to up-cycle it into a dressing table!



  • Sandpaper desk
  • Paint white
  • Glue map of London onto the drawers
  • Bought a large mirror from a local charity shop


Artwork, Craft projects

Me and my mum made these adorable mice out of patterned pieces of material

We added lavender to the stuffing so it acts as an air-freshener.

And we added cat-nip to one for our cat, Topaz!


Artwork, Craft projects

Heart Notice Board


At a carboot sale I saw these old rusty wire frames for flower arranging for 20p. I decided to make it into a notice board.


I love how sometimes when you see just one random object you can imagine what it could be.





How to guide:

  1. I cut a piece of foam into the same shape as the metal wire heart and rounded off the edges.
  2. To create the cover I cut two hearts from material slightly larger than the heart.
  3. I sewed them together inside out, leaving a gap. I turned it inside out, inserted the foam and hand sewed the gap shut.
  4. I then attached the metal heart using a thick thread and attached a ribbon to hand it by.
  5. I used pins and small pegs to attach momentous