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Up-cycled dressing table

I up-cycled an old wooden desk into a vintage map inspired dressing table

I have always loved old maps, and as I have recently moved to London I used an old map of London on the draws to add character and personalise it

I bought the large mirror, with refurbished wood frame, from a charity shop



When my brother was moving out, he needed to dispose of this old wooden desk and I wanted to give it a new home rather than see it get thrown away

I liked the style but the old varnished pine look is quite dated and didn’t fit into my room

So I decided I would up-cycle it into a dressing table for my room!

Photograhs showing the desk transformation


Desk before make-over, with equipment used
  • Clean and sand desk
  • Paint white (or chosen colour)
  • Attach maps to draws and apply protective layer of PVA glue
  • Decorate!


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I have always liked collaging, for these cards I wanted to play with perspective by incorporating objects of different scales to a background of a similar theme

  • I created these cards using images I cut out of old magazines
  • I wanted to experiment with scale and perspectives to create images with depth and charecter
  • They’re each completely unique and personal to you

They’re created using recycled materials, great way to use unwanted magazines and create something unique and beautiful!

Selection of collage greetings cards


  • Look through your favourite magazines and cut out a selection of different objects you like
  • Choose a background image and choose objects that fit with the theme
  • Place the different objects on your background, try to build up a story or theme
  • Play around with perspectives and scales to give it a twist
  • Once you are happy, glue them together
  • To ensure pieces do not unstick, apply a top coat of sticky-back-plastic or PVA glue


Collage greetings cards displayed with other craft projects
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Compilation of Riddler costume and props
The Riddler’s Dress, Top-hat and Staff

Riddler Costume

Dress: I bought an emerald green dress to use as a base. I sewed on question marks I cut out of black material

Top-hat: I built a small top-hat out of a recylced plastic container and cardboard. Which I covered with green material and two question marks and a black ribbon

Staff: Gold question mark staff

Green mask

Riddle cards: Cards with various riddles

The Riddler Staff

Riddler Staff – full size


  • I bought a wooden pole as a base (described as spare broom handle pole)
  • I built up the ? top out of cardboard, super-glue and tape
  • I secured it on to the pole
  • Painted bottle caps gold and attached to make the dot of the ?
  • Papier-mâché (to seal it and help paint stick)
  • Paint gold
  • PVA glue top coat


Close-up of Riddler staff head, surrounded by riddles

How to guide:


I bought a 4m length of cream coloured muslin. I cut two strips length ways, 1-2 inches wide, for the arm bandages. I then cut the remaining material in half and sewed the short ends together on one side, to make one long piece of material for the body wrap.

Rey: costume and design board

Rey’s staff:

I bought a 2m wooden pole, and attached different bottles, aluminum cans and plastic packaging to create the different shapes. Using papier-mâché and glue to create the structure. I then painted it using black, silver and bronze paint to create a metal effect. Lastly, I glued different types of muslin material for the handle.

Rey staff: making-of
Rey staff: completed


Cosplay and Costumes, Cosplays, How-to-guides, Sasha (Attack on Titan)

How-to-guide: Making the swords

Stage 1: Draw the shape of the handle on a plank of wood

Stage 2: Cut out the handle

  • Clamp the plank onto a work bench (ensure its secure)
  • Use a drill to make a hole where the finger grip holds will be
  • Use a hand-held jigsaw to cut out the handle
  • *Safety warning: always have proper safety equipment, training and supervision when using tools)

Stage 3: Papier-mâché (using PVA glue and tissue paper) and paint the swords silver, then draw on design

Stage 4: Use bandages to create the handle and paint brown


Stage 1: Draw the shape of the handle on a plank of wood
Stage 2: Cut out the handle
Stage 3: Papier-mâché and paint the swords
Finished swords

How-to-guide: Making the box weapons

Stage 1: Cut out slits on front and back

  • Measure and mark where the slits will go
  • Put a piece of scrap wood underneath the cardboard to protect your table
  • Carefully use a craft knife to cut out the slits
  • *Safety warning: always have proper safety equipment, training and supervision when using tools)
  • Use masking tape and cardboard to reinforce the structure

Stage 2: Make tubes for the top

  • Cut a plastic ball in half, fill and attach to each end of a kitchen roll tube

Stage 3: Paint everything silver

Stage 4: Use Duct-tape to attach the tube to the boxes

Stage 5: Make brown straps and attach to the inside on the box, so you can attach it to your leg

  • I edited and re-used straps from an old bag
Stage 1: Cut out slits on front and back
Stage 2: Make tubes for the top
Stage 3-5: Paint silver, assemble with duct-tape and attach brown leg strap
Finished box weapons!