Cosplay and Costumes, Weapons and Props

Below is a collection of weapons and other props,

I have created for various Cosplays

(Hand made from recycled materials)

I really enjoy designing, building and decorating props for my Cosplays. Although costumes are the base of a Cosplay. The props, large and small, really define the character and brings them to life. And I have always been more interested in the swords and weapons anyway!

Collection of all props

Props included (from left to right):

  • Sasha (Attack on Titan) – Dual swords and boxes
  • Riddler (Batman) – Staff
  • Marceline (Adventure Time) – Bass Axe
  • Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tale) – Dual katanas
  • Wonder Woman – Sword and leg guards
  • Rey (Star Wars) –  Staff and lightsaber


Weapons and Props

Joker: Set and Props

Prop List:

  • Bomb present
  • Hand grenade Joker inspired bombs
  • Gun with ‘BANG’ sign
  • Dynamite sticks with the Joker’s logo
  • Clowns and Joker cards
  • Other weapons, in green and purple


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Compilation of Riddler costume and props
The Riddler’s Dress, Top-hat and Staff

Riddler Costume

Dress: I bought an emerald green dress to use as a base. I sewed on question marks I cut out of black material

Top-hat: I built a small top-hat out of a recylced plastic container and cardboard. Which I covered with green material and two question marks and a black ribbon

Staff: Gold question mark staff

Green mask

Riddle cards: Cards with various riddles

The Riddler Staff

Riddler Staff – full size


  • I bought a wooden pole as a base (described as spare broom handle pole)
  • I built up the ? top out of cardboard, super-glue and tape
  • I secured it on to the pole
  • Painted bottle caps gold and attached to make the dot of the ?
  • Papier-mâché (to seal it and help paint stick)
  • Paint gold
  • PVA glue top coat


Close-up of Riddler staff head, surrounded by riddles