Cosplay and Costumes, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween Costumes

For the Halloween Voodoo (club night), which also happens to be my first Voodoo I wanted to create something unique

I took inspiration from Valkyries and Victorian style

Added extras:
  • Battle Axe
  • Black wings
  • Black string shawl
  • Corset style belt



Side view of face painting
Creation process:

I saw a beautiful, layered Victorian style dress online I loved, but could not afford. But as I’m sure many of you will have had a similar experiences! So I decided I would create my own dress!

I bought a selection of cheap Halloween table-clothes and used the material to design my own Gothic Victorian Ballgown (with corset and accessories)


I used black pencil eyeliner to draw a unique mystical pattern, and liquid eyeliner to add details. Have fun with it and just draw whatever patterns or symbols that have a meaning to you, or just whatever comes into your head!





Previous costume ideas
I was playing around with the idea of using the spiders web lace fabric overlapping to create new shapes and patterns
Asymmetrical one sided dress
Cosplay and Costumes, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween Costumes

Devil costume at Halloween Discord, with my friend Red

5 days to Halloween!


Again a really simple and cheap costume, that everyone will recognise!


Yesterday I made the journey back to Bath, for Halloween Discord, the metal night. I decided to go with a classic, the Devil. As red and black are my favourite colours!


Devil costume for Halloween
Cosplay and Costumes, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween Costumes, Miscellaneous Costumes

Witch Costume

7 days til Halloween!

For my first Halloween costume I have done a classic one, Witch, but with my own twist!

The Witch make-up was easily created using a pale base coat and black liquid eyeliner, eye-shadow and lipstick

Compilation of photos to show costume, veil and hat
Compilation of hat and veil options to create different looks
Witch costume shown on a mannequin
Close up photographs of the Witch make-up