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From the new Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens (2015)


I wanted to cosplay Rey because she is an independent, intelligent and brave woman


I cosplayed at MCM Comicon on Sunday

Rey: full costume

Kit list:

  • Sand coloured base clothes
  • Staff
  • Light Saber
  • Long muslin body wrap
  • Arm and leg banages
  • Black boots
  • Brown belts
  • Brown leather wrist cuff
  • BB8 toy
  • Hair in three buns









Rey: side on with BB8
Rey: close up
Light Saber and Rey’s staff crossed


Other photographs:

Rey and other Star Wars charecters at Comicon
Rey: Assorted photos
Rey: Assorted close up photos with light saber
Photos taken at Comicon by fellow cosplayer (instagram: undeadknightmare)


How to guide:


I bought a 4m length of cream coloured muslin. I cut two strips length ways, 1-2 inches wide, for the arm bandages. I then cut the remaining material in half and sewed the short ends together on one side, to make one long piece of material for the body wrap.

Rey: costume and design board

Rey’s staff:

I bought a 2m wooden pole, and attached different bottles, aluminum cans and plastic packaging to create the different shapes. Using papier-mâché and glue to create the structure. I then painted it using black, silver and bronze paint to create a metal effect. Lastly, I glued different types of muslin material for the handle.

Rey staff: making-of
Rey staff: completed