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Wonder Woman emerged from the DC Comics Universe, first appearing in 1941, in All Star Comics #8

I wanted to create a Wonder Woman cosplay to celebrate to release of the new movie in 2017

She is one of the most famous female heroines, depicted across many comics, motion pictures and action figures

Background: Before becoming Wonder Woman, she was known as Diana, princess of the Amazons. She was trained to be an unbeatable warrior and became a Goddess and Ambassador

She is also well known for being a founding member of the Justice League

Close-up compilation
Mixed compilation
Full costume photographs

Kit list:

  • Gold, red and blue dress
  • Red long boots and gold leg guards
  • Gold head band, arm band and choker
  • Silver arm guards
  • Gold lasso of truth
  • Golden sword
  • Shield
Wonder Woman Sword
Finished shield and sword

For my costume I took inspiration from all the best Wonder Woman versions. Including the 2017 movie, Diana of Paradise Island TV Series, ad Justice Leagues Wonder Woman animated universe. As well as other comic books she has starred in.

Wonder Woman Design Board
Cosplay and Costumes, Weapons and Props

Below is a collection of weapons and other props,

I have created for various Cosplays

(Hand made from recycled materials)

I really enjoy designing, building and decorating props for my Cosplays. Although costumes are the base of a Cosplay. The props, large and small, really define the character and brings them to life. And I have always been more interested in the swords and weapons anyway!

Collection of all props

Props included (from left to right):

  • Sasha (Attack on Titan) – Dual swords and boxes
  • Riddler (Batman) – Staff
  • Marceline (Adventure Time) – Bass Axe
  • Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tale) – Dual katanas
  • Wonder Woman – Sword and leg guards
  • Rey (Star Wars) –  Staff and lightsaber


Weapons and Props

Joker: Set and Props

Prop List:

  • Bomb present
  • Hand grenade Joker inspired bombs
  • Gun with ‘BANG’ sign
  • Dynamite sticks with the Joker’s logo
  • Clowns and Joker cards
  • Other weapons, in green and purple


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Compilation of Riddler costume and props
The Riddler’s Dress, Top-hat and Staff

Riddler Costume

Dress: I bought an emerald green dress to use as a base. I sewed on question marks I cut out of black material

Top-hat: I built a small top-hat out of a recylced plastic container and cardboard. Which I covered with green material and two question marks and a black ribbon

Staff: Gold question mark staff

Green mask

Riddle cards: Cards with various riddles

The Riddler Staff

Riddler Staff – full size


  • I bought a wooden pole as a base (described as spare broom handle pole)
  • I built up the ? top out of cardboard, super-glue and tape
  • I secured it on to the pole
  • Painted bottle caps gold and attached to make the dot of the ?
  • Papier-mâché (to seal it and help paint stick)
  • Paint gold
  • PVA glue top coat


Close-up of Riddler staff head, surrounded by riddles
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My friend and I recently attended a new spy themed LARP game called; Aces and Operatives!

I was a body guard for the CIA, turned into an Assassin Operative working undercover for the enemy

It was a great excuse to dress up fancy, although I was already sold at the canapes and Poker!

Compilation of full length photographs
Close up from behind, showing backless dress and hair accessories
Close up from the front
Full length from behind
Full length from the front
Full length from the side


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I bought this Grecian style green dress for just £1 at a jumble sale

However, unfortunately it was much too big for me, so I adjusted it to fit me.

Finished adjusted dress

As you can see the dress was about double my size!

I discovered someone had let the dress out previously, using the added gold material at the back

Dress before alteration

I removed the gold added back piece and put darts in fit myself

I then added a zip as I had to remove the previous hook and eye fastenings

‘Making of’ green dress