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I am really interested in anatomical drawings of the body, in particular the heart. I created this series of drawings and paintings based on anatomical drawings of the heart.

Anatomical Drawings of the Heart Compilation
Anatomical Paintings of the Heart Compilation
I Give My Heart to You
You Rip Apart My Heart
You Have the Key to My Heart
My love for you springs new life
Your touch is like barb-wire wrapping around my heart
Two Hearts, Woven into One
Seeing You Sends Spikes Through My Heart
My Heart Bleeds for You
All Drawings, Anatomical, Artwork, Steampunk


The Steam-Punk Revolution

Quick sketch of a fist, as I wanted to develop my understanding of the bond and tissue structure of a hand.

I can use this as a base for drawing punches in comic strips





When editing the photograph of the drawing, I realised you could see the faint outlines of the drawing on the page beneath, and I quite liked it as a background. With the fist rising up on top of a steam-punk background it reminded me of a leadership poster

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When I heard that some people who suffer from Asthma  describe it as barb-wire wrapping around their lungs, the image really struck me. So I tried to recreate it..

Asthma (Using pencil, fine-liner and water-colour)