Alternative, Skeletons and Body-parts, Valentines

And now, for real Valentines Day as I’m not a complete cynic, I have prepared a collection of artwork based on anatomical drawings of the heart, but with my own twisted take

My Twisted Valentine Compilation
I Give My Heart to You
You Have the Key to My Heart
My love for you springs new life
Two Hearts, Woven into One


Alternative, Skeletons and Body-parts, Valentines

As the dreaded Valentines Day looms, many people are collectively sighing at PDA couples and hearts literally everywhere. So I have decided to celebrate Anti-Valentines Day today for everyone who is sick of Valentines!

Anti-Valentines Day Compilation
You Rip Apart My Heart
Your touch is like barb-wire wrapping around my heart
My Heart Bleeds for You
Seeing You Sends Spikes Through My Heart
Alternative, Artwork, Paintings

Skull with Gas-mask            (Acrylic paint)
Trick or treat?
– Razor Apple                   (Water-colour)

The urban legend of razor apples or poisoned candy given to random children has become a Halloween trick-or-treating modern horror story!

The story behind the myth and the imagery struck me, and inspired this painting.