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My latest up-cycling project!

Compilation photo showing before and after

Found this beautiful old chair being thrown away.

So I rescued it!

Cleaned it up,
Sanded it down,
and gave it a new lick of paint!

I love up-cycling, as I got to give an old chair, a second life.

You never know the history of something, and you could save it from being thrown to scrap. And I have a beautiful chair for my dressing table now too!

Close-up photo showing carving detail

 I love the carved detailing on the legs, by doing a light coat of white on top, and leaving the dark wood in the grooves brought the carving out in its full glory!

And, it fits perfectly with my up-cycled dressing table!

(See photos below!)

Close up of finished chair
Wide shot with up-cycled dressing table
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Wonder Woman emerged from the DC Comics Universe, first appearing in 1941, in All Star Comics #8

I wanted to create a Wonder Woman cosplay to celebrate to release of the new movie in 2017

She is one of the most famous female heroines, depicted across many comics, motion pictures and action figures

Background: Before becoming Wonder Woman, she was known as Diana, princess of the Amazons. She was trained to be an unbeatable warrior and became a Goddess and Ambassador

She is also well known for being a founding member of the Justice League

Close-up compilation
Mixed compilation
Full costume photographs

Kit list:

  • Gold, red and blue dress
  • Red long boots and gold leg guards
  • Gold head band, arm band and choker
  • Silver arm guards
  • Gold lasso of truth
  • Golden sword
  • Shield
Wonder Woman Sword
Finished shield and sword

For my costume I took inspiration from all the best Wonder Woman versions. Including the 2017 movie, Diana of Paradise Island TV Series, ad Justice Leagues Wonder Woman animated universe. As well as other comic books she has starred in.

Wonder Woman Design Board
A level Art, Artwork, Artwork, Craft, Cosplays and Costumes

For my A level exam piece, I built an entire Alchemists workshop from scratch, filled with drawings, books and alchemy equipment

A level Exam – Mystery and Imagination mood-board
Street art – painting the ground to make it look like a hidden underground cave
A level exam – Alchemist workshop
A level exam – artist critical studies
A level Art, Artwork, Artwork, Craft, Cosplays and Costumes

Idea development and artist critical studies

Collection of drawings, paintings and collages

For my AS level exam i built a grandfather clock with a stage where the face of the clock would sit, to portray the theme of ‘work, rest and play’

Exam preparation: Idea development and artist critical studies
Still life drawing of a gas mask and a trophy
Exam preparation: Idea development and artist critical studies
A level Art, Artwork, Artwork, Craft, Cosplays and Costumes

Collection of my key pieces from my first year studying A-level Art

Drawing of a mask and trigger section of my pistol
Pencil and pastel drawing of my collection of vintage objects
Clay piece and prep work
Left: Plaster of paris abstract piece
Right: Ink printing
Altered book project: Asian bible into a storage system with a draw for each element
Copies of artwork at The Tate Modern, London