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Joker Cosplay

‘Take my business card’

To follow my artworks inspired by the Joker, I have also created my own Joker Cosplay

I had great fun building a set for the Joker’s lair, and props for the photographs. I wanted to give the lair a  disheveled industrial theme. With the colour palette of purple and green throughout the costume, set and props.

Joker: Close up compilation
Joker: Full size with set compilation
Joker: Close up with props compilation

Kit List:

Joker: Set and Props
  • Green waistcoat
  • Purple suit skirt and jacket
  • Yellow bow-tie
  • Green hair and Joker face-paint
  • Props
    • Bomb present
    • Hand grenade Joker inspired bombs
    • Gun with ‘BANG’ sign
    • Dynamite sticks with the Joker’s logo
    • Clowns and Joker cards
    • Other weapons, in green and purple


Joker: The mad man
‘I have my eye on you’
Welcome to my lair!

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