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The Minotaur was part human, and part a Bull sent by the Gods. The mother’s husband, King Minos, created a labyrinth to trap the Minotaur.

They sacrificed maidens to appease the Minotaur, until Theseus slaughtered the beast using a magic sword.

This myth leads to another well known legend. The King imprisoned the Architect Daedallis and his son, Icarus. Who escaped by creating wings. However, Icarus did not heed his fathers advise, and flew too close to the sun… Melting the glue holding the wings together, and he plummeted to his death


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      Thank you so much!! ^.^ that means a lot, really appreciate it! So glad someone actually reads them! hehe I would love to promote it properly to help anyone that wants to start do more art, craft or Cosplay. Any advice on groups or anything would be welcome 🙂


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