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Up-cycled Dressing Table

Up-cycled dressing table

I up-cycled an old wooden desk into a vintage map inspired dressing table

I have always loved old maps, and as I have recently moved to London I used an old map of London on the draws to add character and personalise it

I bought the large mirror, with refurbished wood frame, from a charity shop



When my brother was moving out, he needed to dispose of this old wooden desk and I wanted to give it a new home rather than see it get thrown away

I liked the style but the old varnished pine look is quite dated and didn’t fit into my room

So I decided I would up-cycle it into a dressing table for my room!

Photograhs showing the desk transformation


Desk before make-over, with equipment used
  • Clean and sand desk
  • Paint white (or chosen colour)
  • Attach maps to draws and apply protective layer of PVA glue
  • Decorate!


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