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Collage Greetings Cards

I have always liked collaging, for these cards I wanted to play with perspective by incorporating objects of different scales to a background of a similar theme

  • I created these cards using images I cut out of old magazines
  • I wanted to experiment with scale and perspectives to create images with depth and charecter
  • They’re each completely unique and personal to you

They’re created using recycled materials, great way to use unwanted magazines and create something unique and beautiful!

Selection of collage greetings cards


  • Look through your favourite magazines and cut out a selection of different objects you like
  • Choose a background image and choose objects that fit with the theme
  • Place the different objects on your background, try to build up a story or theme
  • Play around with perspectives and scales to give it a twist
  • Once you are happy, glue them together
  • To ensure pieces do not unstick, apply a top coat of sticky-back-plastic or PVA glue


Collage greetings cards displayed with other craft projects

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